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Knauf Insulation are excited to introduce a range of glasswool solutions suited for the Malaysian market

Glasswool Insulation from Knauf Insulation

Glasswool insulation improves thermal comfort, acoustics and energy efficiency of the buildings and homes in which it has been installed. Knauf Insulation’s glasswool is super soft and easy to manage, enhanced with TwinTech® Technology. This technology is another advancement in insulation manufacture – the dual forming technique ensures there is a smooth finish on both sides of the insulation, which improves the product handling and appearance.

With sustainability and green technology in our mind, Knauf Insulation glasswool produced with up to 80% recycled glass. Knauf Insulation’s patented ECOSE® Technology benefitted our products resulting from a binder which has no added formaldehyde and is based on renewable, bio-based materials instead of traditional petrol-based chemicals.

Roofing Blanket

Knauf Insulation roof blanket provides thermal and acoustic insulation for commercial roofs, helping to decrease heating and air conditioning costs.

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Acoustic Batt

Includes a selection of densities to provide builders, designers, installers and DIYers the opportunity to choose the best acoustic performance for their project.

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Duct wrap insulation is designed for the exterior of rectangular or round sheet metal ducts. Once installed, duct wrap insulation continues to save energy throughout the life cycle of the HVAC system.

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