Knauf Insulation Malaysia joins the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)

By Rachel Lim
January 02, 2024

Strengthening industry presence through FMM to sustainable growth and responsibility.

About the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)

Established in 1968, FMM has consistently been the leading force propelling Malaysian manufacturers towards growth and modernization. As the largest private sector economic organization in Malaysia, FMM represents over 3,000 manufacturing and industrial service companies in Malaysia, making it the officially recognized “voice of the industry”, visioning “Making Malaysian Industries Globally Competitive.”

Significance of Membership

Knauf Insulation Malaysia aligns with FMM in pushing the boundaries of quality and innovation in the insulation sector. As member of FMM, Kanuf Insulation benefits from unparalleled resources, industry insights, and networking opportunities. This collaboration ensures that we stay at the forefront of manufacturing trends and standards to top-notch insulation solutions. 

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

One of the core values of Knauf Insulation is our drive for Quality Excellence. Zaki Hasan, Knauf Insulation’s Head of Process & Quality APAC says “Knauf Insulation Johor is a manufacturer of Glass Mineral Wool products that emphasize on quality at the maximum level and ensure that it meets the needs of customers. The high technology and structured systems adopted make the process well-regulated to keep the product quality stable and ideal for a wide range of applications. With continuous improvement, Knauf insulation products will always be competitive and relevant."

Our commitment resonates FMM's Quality Policy of "Total commitment to service excellence and quality through continuous improvement.” To stay ahead in constant innovation in insulation solution.