Knauf Insulation launches 2020 Annual Review

By Shoko McKay
November 27, 2020

Our new annual review celebrates the power of our people and our inspired culture of

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of our annual review — a celebration of our people, our values and our commitment to sustainability.

Jean-Claude Carlin, Member of the Knauf Group Management Committee Insulation Europe/Middle East/Asia, said: “The global pandemic has put our people and our values of firmly in the spotlight this year.

“I am proud to say that from the beginning everyone at Knauf Insulation focused on what was really essential — caring for each other, our colleagues and our customers — and we have become stronger with every challenge we have faced.”

Our new annual review is a celebration of this spirit and the values that continue to inspire us. It is also a showcase for our new sustainability strategy ‘For A Better World’ — a public declaration of our long-term commitments — and our sustainability achievements of 2019.

Report sections focus on:


Navigating continuous challenges


Our plan to achieve our new sustainability goals


How we are reducing our environmental impact

  • We continue to reduce our environmental impact per cubic metre of product despite our output increasing to record levels in the past decade. However, we know we have to increase our ambition. Our sustainability results from 2019 show how far we have come — whether it is cutting CO2 emissions by 23% since 2010 or reducing Lost Time accidents by 56% — and how far we need to go.
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