Innovation at Knauf Insulation

Marc De Roeck with Knauf Insulation team

Innovation drives everything we do. Why? It benefits the planet, our customers, and our business.

Knauf Insulation’s Director of Innovation Marc De Roeck says: “We are in the business of sustainability – our solutions save energy, reduce CO2 and improve lives. But, to minimise the environmental impact of our products and processes, while maximising their potential in line with our For A Better World sustainability strategy, we need to constantly innovate.”

So, what does this mean in reality? “It means constantly engaging our customers and everyone within Knauf Insulation to find innovative sustainable solutions to old and new challenges,” says Marc.

We turn to people outside of the company for inspiration, too. Abdelmoula El Hadi, Innovation Process Manager, explains: “We’re always researching the market, latest trends, new technologies and materials. We link with start-ups, universities and institutes, getting inputs where we can, to develop breakthroughs in Research and Development for our customers.” 

Thinking outside the box 

We celebrated UN World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022 with a special workshop in Brussels. The event brought together innovators from across the company, as well as external experts. Together we discussed and developed new and creative customer-focused ideas and solutions.

Dominique Bossan, CEO of Knauf Insulation Europe/Middle East/Asia and Member of the Knauf Group Management Committee, said: “Thinking outside the box will help us come up with more sustainable solutions and innovations around products, systems and services. And this is how we will be able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

Marc De Roeck
"Innovation is the engine that powers our success, breakthrough ideas and cutting-edge solutions."
Marc De Roeck, Director of Innovation
Annual Review 2022

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