Engaging teams to work towards a greater goal


The latest employee engagement survey results are in. How is Knauf Insulation measuring up?


Following the launch of the first Gallup employee engagement survey in 2020, Knauf Insulation circulated its second survey in June this year. Despite the challenges of the company-wide cyber attack, the questionnaire managed to achieve a 75% response rate across the business.

Katrien Wakana, Group HR Talent & Development Manager for EMEA & APAC, says: “It’s not about the organisation taking the lead and finding solutions that won’t help employees. The survey makes sure that everyone is listened to and the solutions are built within the team so they are a pertinent answer to the problems that arise. We will take comments and recommendations directly from the survey and transform these into practical solutions.

“The overall results from the survey this year were encouraging. It is great that people feel that they know what is expected from them, on a job level and as a general view to what they bring to the company and how they will perform. This is something we’ve worked on, encouraging continuous conversations between workers and managers so everyone knows what is expected of them.

“The survey also highlights the areas that we need to improve. Two areas that we noticed from the survey results were employee recognition and career development. These will be areas of focus moving forwards.”


I want employees to feel that their purpose, values and identity can find a place within the organisation. Employees don’t want to come to the working space with a mask on. Their own passion and enthusiasm can contribute to the greater goal.
Katrien Wakana, Group HR Talent & Development Manager EMEA & APAC
Katrien Wakana



From the survey results, a positive picture is painted for the number of engaged employees within the company. 39% of employees are classed as engaged (rising from 29% in the 2020 survey), 27% of employees are classed as not engaged (decreasing from 55% in 2020) and 14% of employees are classed as actively disengaged (decreasing from 16%).

Katrien Wakana says: “We weren’t expecting a huge improvement from the last survey as it has been a challenging couple of years but we are making good progress. It’s all about making sure that we walk the talk.

“For me, engaging employees is about that connection between us as an employer and each individual employee. The theory is that behind an engaged person is someone who’s happy in their job or position. Of course, it’s about being happy but also getting this feeling that I as a person can personally contribute to the success of my company. It’s about purpose. People should feel empowered to contribute towards something greater. The main engagement goal is to create a connection in between team members and their leaders and then the company.”

The next Gallup survey will be launched in 2023 to assess the results and make sure that the initiative stays on track.

Annual Review 2022

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