MS Sirim

MS Sirim certification ensures the quality and conformity of products in Malaysia. Administered by the Malaysian Standards (MS) and the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), it ensures strict adherence to national regulations. It is a mark of assurance for Malaysian standards of safety, reliability, and performance.


All our products are CIDB certified, a requirement under Malaysia's Act 520. Building materials must obtain the Standard Compliance Declaration (PPS) as per Schedule 4. CIDB, accredited under ISO/IEC 17065, ensures compliance with Malaysian standards and regulatory.


All our products achieved the highest level of fire resistance certification in Malaysia, classified as Bomba Class ‘0’ by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia).


The MyHIJAU mark is a recognition by the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC), Malaysia's official green recognition scheme under the purview of Ministry of Environment. The certification signifies Knauf Insulation Glasswool products with ECOSE® Technology aligns with stringent environmental standards set by MyHIJAU, making it a trusted choice for sustainable building materials.

For builders, architects, industry partners and even homeowners, the MyHIJAU mark serves as a reliable indicator for anyone seeking environmentally conscious insulation solutions.

The Malaysia Green Building Council

Knauf Insulation Malaysia proudly partners with the Malaysia Green Building Council (malaysiaGBC), affirming our dedication to sustainable construction practices. The partnership focuses on green innovation, low embodied carbon materials and energy-efficient designs to transform Malaysia's building sector.

MGBC aims to make green buildings accessible to all Malaysians and lead Southeast Asia in sustainable construction. Our collective mission is to create a lasting, positive impact that paves the way for future generations and contributes to the nation's growth and development using sustainable and innovative building materials.


GreenTag™ is a third party, green building product rating and certification system putting certified products within the top end of the green product market.

Knauf Insulation glasswool is the first and only glasswool insulation in Malaysia to have the prestigious GreenRate™ Level A certification. This affirms the exceptional status of Knauf Insulation glasswool products meeting the toughest standards for health, eco performance and safety.

European Certification Board of Mineral Wool Products

All glasswool products manufactured by Knauf Insulation are made of non-classified fibres (fibres that are less bio-persistent than every day dust) and are certified by EUCEB. EUCEB, European Certification Board of Mineral Wool Products - www.euceb.org, is a voluntary initiative by the mineral wool industry. It is an independent certification authority that guarantees that products are made of fibres, which comply with the exoneration criteria for carcinogenicity (Note Q) of the Regulation (EC) 1272/2008.To help user’s identify the safety of our glasswool fibres the EUCEB logo is displayed on our product packaging and/or labels.

Indoor Air Quality

Eurofins “Indoor Air Comfort” (IAC) product certification is an innovative tool to show compliance of a product with low VOC emissions.

Knauf Insulation was awarded the first Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard certificate in 2010 from Eurofins Scientific for its Mineral Wool products with ECOSE Technology, completed as part of the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standard testing and certification programme.

Declare Recognition

Our entire Glass Mineral Wool product range has been awarded the DECLARE 'Red List Free' label.

Whether you are specifying or installing, DECLARE aims to show you that our Glass Mineral Wool range of products is insulation that you can trust. This is demonstrated in a similar way to that of food nutrition labels. The DECLARE label shows clear and transparent details such as:

  • Where a product comes from,
  • What it's made of,
  • Whether it contains chemicals featured on the DECLARE ‘Red List’. These are substances to avoid because they could be harmful to health and the environment.

To achieve the DECLARE label, we’ve gone through rigorous testing and disclosed the entire composition of our Glass Mineral Wool products down to 0.01%. Our Glass Mineral Wool range is manufactured with up to 80% recycled content and the remaining percentage composed entirely from Red List Free raw materials.

DECLARE also contributes to green building rating systems such as LEED and WELL. This means you can use Knauf Insulation Glass Mineral Wool products to deliver buildings that are proven to be healthy and good for the environment.

Through our participation in the DECLARE label scheme, architects, house builders and installers can verify their own sustainability and health and safety credentials too.

Standards Malaysia, ILAC MRA Mark

The ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) provides significant technical underpinning to the calibration, testing, medical testing and inspection results, provision of proficiency testing programs and production of the reference materials of the accredited conformity assessment bodies that in turn delivers confidence in the acceptance of services and results. Knauf Insulation’s laboratory has demonstrated its technical competence to operate in accordance with MS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (ISO/IEC 17025:2017), means the laboratory meets both the technical competence requirements and management system requirements that are necessary for it to consistently deliver technically valid test results and calibrations.